Delta Trust Solar Loan Scheme, code name DT Home Solar is a home improvement initiative designed to provide alternative power supply to residential and commercial houses through the acquisition of solar energy kits to light up such homes and buildings. Features ; 6-24 months repayment plan 10% equity contribution Insurable and with one year warranty […]

Children Savings Account

children savings

This is a savings account that is opened by parents for their children and will be controlled by parents until their children turn 18 years of age and the account is handed over to the child. FEATURES: Easy Saving account Attractive interest rate Controlled by the parents and to be transferred to their children when […]

Fixed Deposit Account


This is a tenure investment instrument that enable’s customers to save money within a specific period with maximum returns on earnings on the amount invested and within a specified duration FEATURES: Tenure investment Deposit with Certificate of Deposit issuance Roll over on maturity  Benefits: Interest rates fluctuations Flexible Tenure system Instant roll over on maturity […]

Mortgage Focused Current Account


This is an account that is focused on a targeted goal for an individual. This help individual to save towards a particular goal in mind. FEATURES: Easy Savings Attractive Intrest rate Easy access to loan  Benefits: Easy to access Flexible repayment plans Occupy property while still repaying Competitive interest rates Requirement A copy of Identity […]

DT Cooperative Society Housing Loan

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This is a loan designed to assist registered associations, clubs, unions, and cooperatives to own the houses of their choice through mortgage FEATURES: Land and title documents provided by the Cooperative society Members loan repayments are deducted from the Cooperative Account  Benefits: Easy to access Flexible repayment plans Occupy property while still repaying Competitive interest […]

Informal Sector Cooperative Society Housing Loan

real estate Financing

This is a housing loan designed to assist the general public through Cooperative Societies to build houses for allotment to its members such as welders, Keke riders, Farmers, Traders, etc, to own decent and affordable homes. FEATURES: Land and title documents provided by the Cooperative Society. Members loan repayment is deducted monthly from the Cooperative […]

Salary Advance

salary advance

This product offers a credit facility to salary earners in the form of a bridging loan to meet personal needs before the end of the month. Features: One-off repayment within 30 days Loan extinguishes when Salary drops Easy access to loan within 24hrs Competitive Interest rate. Benefits: Salary Advance is sure at any time before […]

DT Rent Loan

rent loan

This product is a facility that enable customers to pay up for rent or to add up for rent payment. Features:  Zero equity contribution Monthly repayment Access up-to N500,000 Benefit: Accessible by formal and informal employees Reduced interest rate Tenure up to 6months Requirements: Opening of a DT current account Duly completed and executed DT […]