Children Savings Account

This is a savings account that is opened by parents for their children and will be controlled by parents until their children turn 18 years of age and the account is handed over to the child.


  • Easy Saving account
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Controlled by the parents and to be transferred to their children when they turn 18 years of age.


  • Easy to access
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • Occupy property while still repaying
  • Competitive interest rates


  • Duly completed Children Savings Account opening form
  • A valid means of Identification (NIMC, Voters I.D, Drivers License, International Passports, etc.
  • A copy of utility bill (waste disposal bill showing residential address, NEPA/PHCN bill, not more than 3 months, or recent house rent receipt showing the address of customer and landlord)
  • Bank Verification number etc
  • Birth Certificate of the child
  • 2 passport photographs of the child and the parents



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