DTHOS (Delta Trust Housing Loan Scheme)

This is a mortgage loan designed for individuals to enable them to own their dream residential homes and commercial properties.


  • Attractive interest rate
  • Easy access to the loan facilities
  • Easy repayment plan


  • Flexible repayment plan
  • Loan amount according to the affordability of the Individual
  • Afford the opportunity to buy, build & renovate an existing building


  • A running current account with DTMBL
  • A reliable source of income
  • Equity contribution (depending on the cost of the building)
  • Approved building plan
  • Where the house is being purchased, an offer letter from the vendor will be required
  • Reference letter from the current employer indicating status, annual salary, and existing loan if any
  • A means of identification (Drivers licence, NIMC card, Voters Card, or international passport)
  • Original payslip for immediate past 3 months from the employer
  • Copy of Bank statement for the past six (6) months if not Delta Trust Mortgage Bank Account holder.
  • 2 recent passport photograph
  • Copy of paid utility bills (Electricity, water bill etc)
  • A copy of the spouse’s letter of consent in the case of the joint Titleholder.
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