Fixed Deposit Account

This is a tenure investment instrument that enable’s customers to save money within a specific period with maximum returns on earnings on the amount invested and within a specified duration


  • Tenure investment
  • Deposit with Certificate of Deposit issuance
  • Roll over on maturity


  • Interest rates fluctuations
  • Flexible Tenure system
  • Instant roll over on maturity
  • Return on investment irrespective of the rate fluctuations
  • Deposit certificate used as loan collateral


  • Duly completed Fixed Deposit account opening form2 Recent Passports photograph
  • A valid means of Identification (NIMC, Voters I.D, Drivers License, International Passports, etc.
  • A copy of utility bill (waste disposal bill showing residential address, NEPA/PHCN bill, not more than 3 months, or recent house rent receipt showing the address of customer and landlord)
  • Bank Verification number etc


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