Informal Sector Cooperative Society Housing Loan

This is a housing loan designed to assist the general public through Cooperative Societies to build houses for allotment to its members such as welders, Keke riders, Farmers, Traders, etc, to own decent and affordable homes.


  • Land and title documents provided by the Cooperative Society.
  • Members loan repayment is deducted monthly from the Cooperative Account.
  • Afford members easy access to own a home.


  • Easy to access to loan Facility
  • Flexible repayment plans
  • Loan amount according to the affordability of individual


  • Certificate of Registration of the Cooperative Society.
  • Bye Law of the Cooperative Society
  • Resolution of the board of trustees of the Cooperative Society signed by the Chairman and the Secretary authorizing the Borrowing
  • Land / Certificate of Occupancy belonging to the Cooperative Society.
  • Bill of Quantity prepared and signed by a registered quantity surveyor
  • A copy of paid utility bill of the chairman or secretary
  • Approved Building Plans of members
  • 20% Equity contribution of loan value
  • A Cooperative Society must have a running current account with DTMBL
  • Two (2) recent passport photographs of the chairman and the secretary of the Cooperative Society.
  • Letter of undertaking from the Cooperative body not to change from DTMBL to other Banks until the loan is fully liquidated.
  • A guarantee that the Cooperative Society will pay the loan monthly on behalf of the members.
  • Duly Completed DTMBL application form
  • Copy of individual members’ Cooperative passbook showing their up-to-date financial contributions.
  • Letter of undertaking from the Cooperative Society not to expel any benefiting Cooperative member within the repayment period.
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