DT Micro Mortgage Loan

This is a mortgage facility that enables customers to build their houses through Milestone disbursement and assistance to finishing housing projects.


  • Milestone disbursement
  • Long tenure
  • Monthly repayments
  • Collateralize loans


  • Flexible repayment options
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Easy access to loan facility
  • Loan repayment spread to create more affordability and ease of repayment


  1. Opening of a DT current account
  2. Duly completed and executed DT loan application form.
  3. Duly completed guarantor’s form
  4. Past 6months statement of applicant account
  5. Domiciliation of salary account where applicable
  6. Passports Photograph – one from the applicant and one from the guarantor
  7. Copy of approved building plan
  8. Title document of property to be submitted
  9. Legal search/site-visitation/evaluation report conducted by the bank etc.
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