National Housing Fund (NHF)

This scheme is designed by the Federal Government of Nigeria principally for workers in both public and private sectors who are contributors to the National Housing Fund(NHF).


  • Minimum equity contribution of 10%
  • 6% interest rate per annum
  • Payment not exceeding 1/3 of salary package monthly


  • Loan tenure up to 30 years
  • Convenient repayment schedule
  • Repayments while you occupy the property


  1. Opening of a DT current account
  2. Duly completed and executed NHF loan application form.
  3. Past 6months statement of applicant account were not an employee
  4. NHF contributory pass booklet
  5. Letter of age Declaration or Birth certificate
  6. Past 6 months salary slip (with 3 most recent)
  7. 4 passports of the applicant
  8. Current tax clearance certificate
  9. Bill of quantity
  10. Copy of approved building plan
  11. Title document of property to be submitted (certificate of occupancy)
  12. Legal search/site-visitation/evaluation report conducted by the bank etc.
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